Saturday, February 28, 2009

So girlie!

My friend Denise called me yesterday afternoon as we had plans for dinner last night. I haven't seen her in months(even though we live in the smallest state and are no more than 20 miles away from each other!) She's got 5 year old twins, works full time and has an extremely busy life. It's really difficult for the both of us to have an entire evening with nothing going on where we can go out together, have girl talk and catch up on EVERTHING! We've been friends for almost 26 years, lived together and did a lot of the nightlife partying thing together back in the day. Oh, as much fun as we had back then, I am glad we're past it!
During that afternoon conversation, Denise asked if I could bring my craft paints with me. Was she reading my mind? Did she know I was suffering from the paint bug?? I had done a little decorative painting in her daughter, Lilly's, room quite a while ago and she wanted me to do something else. She had had to paint over one of the dragonflies I had done earlier because furniture was rearranged and something was being hung where it had been. I was so excited because just yesterday morning I had gotten the itch to paint something and now I was being asked to paint something!
D and I had an awesome dinner at the River Falls restaurant in Woonsocket and then went back to her house. I drew a very tall flower with leaves and stem and then painted it this morning. Hubby and the kids are away for a snowmobile weekend so this will be a surprise for Lilly when she gets home. I hope she loves it! I am going back to add another dragonfly or hummingbird and I'm going to do something special in her brother, Michael's, room too!


  1. OMG!~ if i was lily i would be totally stoked! i would probably be asking for you to come over every day and paint with me! hahah. very nice flower, dragonfly, and butterfly!! do you have any ideas for her brothers room?

  2. Thank you!! No ideas for her brother yet. He likes tractors and cars and I'm not sure I could paint those and make them look good. I did direct my friend to a website today that has these awesome car murals. I told her I wished my boys were younger than 16 because I would put them on thier walls.

  3. That's really lovely!! I always wanted to do something on the walls for my boys' room, but they wouldn't let me. So I did the bathroom instead.