Monday, February 2, 2009

The success of my purging....

I'm writing this post prior to even starting the purging in my office. I feel, however, that if I write this knowing it will post tomorrow, that I'd better actually have accomplished something!
Here is a picture of my office prior to the cleaning. I do love my space with the mural I painted of the beach scene but it's a small room so I'm hoping to open things up a bit and make it appear larger than it is. I wish I could make sales with my jewelry on a more regular basis to make this love of mine a "real" full time job! Whether or not I'll ever be able to do that, I will always continue to make jewels as long as my fingers work!


  1. Wait, that's the *before* picture? Where's the mess?

  2. not really a mess...just cramped in that one corner of the room. I've got to post my after pics to see if the difference shows.